In my time as a counselor I have learned that none of us have it all together.  There are times when we need someone to come alongside us with insight and genuine encouragement.  The counseling process is designed to provide you with the unique opportunity to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a safe environment, with a professional advocate.

I believe that the therapeutic process is unique to each client.  Counseling goals and interventions work best when tailored to a client’s background and needs.  I also believe that a significant indicator of success in the counseling process is the relationship between the therapist and the client.  It is my desire to partner with my clients in order to move them forward towards growth and reconciliation.

Although I implement a variety of  evidenced based interventions with clients, my therapeutic approach is Adlerian.  Alfred Adler founded “positive psychology” and his holistic approach focuses on the goals and purposes of human behavior.  Holism considers all parts of an individual and how each part affects the other.  In essence, we cannot separate ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  Each part of who we are must be considered in treatment.